Still digging out

I can’t believe it’s already afternoon. I’ve spent the morning digging out from under everything smothering me for the last several weeks, and I’m not even close to the bottom of the pile. Barely skimmed the surface, actually.

BUT! I have a new post up at Hopeful Parents. Woot! A day late, but it’s there!

Finally, before I go grab lunch and continue to excavate the office, a question I’ve been curious about.

What is your Walter Mitty fantasy? If you don’t know who Walter Mitty is, I weep for the education system. Go here and read the short story, then come back and share your fantasy. I’m curious to see what people say. Such a great short story.

If I don’t resurface soon, send search dogs with brandy.


3 Responses

  1. Busy, mmhmm, what a cheap ploy for alcohol.

    • LOL! Smart ass. 😉 I have wine sitting right here with me. Are you on Facebook? Wanna be my friend? Jennifer Torbeck Merrill. I’ve “known” you long enough to give you the (gasp!) real name. 😉

      Jen Never a Dull Moment Hopeful Parents

  2. I tried to share my fantasy with you, but Facebook was having issues that day.

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