Can’t believe I just did that…

I just inadvertently outed my blog on Facebook. So if you’re here from there, uh, welcome. I’ll try not to wish myself into a deep dark hole next time we meet in person.


4 Responses

  1. WTG, Jen! 🙂 You can go to your profile and remove that post by hovering over the right corner of it until you get an x or a remove option or something, so you “unout” yourself to the people who aren’t superglued to FB all day. If they exist…

    Awesome blog, btw. 🙂 You rock!

  2. I outed my blog there as well and am suprised that I haven’t had more people ask me about it, especially since I know they are reading it (hi Mother-in-Law!).

    Don’t sweat it, you are too talented to let your blog go unread by the masses anyway 😉

  3. I’ve been so afraid I would do that. ((((((Jen)))))) But the others are right, you’re a great writer and everyone should be able to read what you have to say ! 🙂

  4. I outed my blog there too. I haven’t suffered any embarrassing consequences. Not yet, anyway. Give me time.

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