It’s a bullet point kinda morning

  • The hell? Snow? I know we got snow the first week of May last year, but I’m really sick of the snow already.
  • Oh, yeah, I’m back from my weekend. I feel refweshed. And behind. Very very behind. Did you know that life doesn’t stop when you leave town? No? Comes as a surprise to me every single time.
  • If there was something you needed/wanted me to read at your site, leave a comment. To preserve what’s left of my sanity, I deleted 500+ posts in my reader last night without even browsing. My sanity thanked me heartily.
  • Four inches, thanks for asking. I have to go out in it shortly or the dog will be having PB&J for dinner tonight.
  • If I’m left alone by the youngest child lucky, I’ll have a better post up later today. And one at Hopeful Parents (today’s my post day). And clever tweets. If I’m constantly asked for food/drink/Wii/videos/computer time not lucky, you’re looking at the best I can do today. And that’s not saying much.
  • Just caught that Verizon and Apple are flirting, and might release the iPhone on Verizon next year. Please do, make something in my life easy. I like Verizon and desperately want an iPhone. Make sweet technological love and make me happy, that’s all I ask.
  • Gah. Laundry awaits.