We love you, Angie. Because of you, we KEEP BELIEVING. We believe because of your strength, your courage, and your faith. Happy Anniversary, dear Angie. As my oldest son says…often…Brian is still there with you, alive in your heart. He is wise beyond his eight years. Have a day full of happy memories, full of family, and full of love. We know you will KEEP BELIEVING.

5 Responses

  1. I am also a Keep Believing fan and I know the love Brian and Angie had will color her life and that of the boys forever.

  2. Thank you for your Keep Believing post. It means so much to me that so many were able to do it, and from Angie’s post I think we did a good thing and that it really is helping her through a terribly difficult day. Her blog roll looks incredible! Heather

  3. I, too am a Keep Believing fan. She really has been an inspiration through everything that has happened!

  4. I blog for Rocky Mountain Moms – and I used to work with Brian O’Neill’s dad. Very small world.

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