If only I had a thought-recording cap then I’d write a lot more often

There’s really not a whole lot going on around here. Well, there is the small matter of the ark. An ark, you ask? Yes, an ark. We’ve been building one in the backyard. Cubits and the whole deal. Don’t know if we’ll be able to find two of every animal, so we’ll just start with ourselves and whatever lovies the boys can haul in there.

It’s been raining. A lot. If you’ve seen any national news, you may have noticed that Denver has been hit with a major spring snowstorm. We got rain. A lot of rain. Torrential downpour for 48 hours, with the occasional heavy snow. I could tell we were right on the edge of rain/snow. We’d get rain, the temperature would drop a degree and we’d get big, fat, snowy flakes, the winds would shift and raise the temperature half a degree and we’d be back to rain. The ground is sodden and muddy. It’s supposed to be almost 80 on Wednesday, so I suppose this is the end of winter. It’s better be the end of winter.

But I have a lot going on right now. Not necessarily in daily life, though that is a lot, but just lots to think about. And that’s taking up my blog-thinking. Things might be a little light around here for awhile. And in a mere five days I’m heading up into the mountains with my four favorite crazy girlfriends for four wonderful days of scrapbooking, drinking, hottubbing, drinking, laughing, drinking, talking, and drinking. These retreats are my favorite times of the year and are rejuvenating more than I can say.

So if you come across one of those thought-recording caps, let me know. Right now I’d love some help getting the maelstrom of thoughts out of my head.