So I may have broken WordPress

Don’t know how, but something’s broken. Took forever to post Sunday’s post, had to do it on Monday after much gnashing of teeth and ripping of garments. And now comments are all borked up. I reply to comments 99% of the time…and just noticed that the “reply to” address is now wordpress and not the commenter’s email. So if you haven’t gotten a reply from me, know that I did reply, and it’s now floating around in the internets. In the internets, no one can hear you scream.


This means I will actually have to fix it. Fix something I did not break, do not know how to fix, and don’t want to fix. Because comments are crack to me. I live for comments. Otherwise, I’m just talking to myself, and I do enough of that in real life. Give me comments, and that’s one less bang of the head on the desk. Or something. And I won’t just be able to fix one little thing. I’ll end up with a whole freaking makeover…something I’ve wanted to do for awhile, but have been putting off. That’s what happened when I was over with Blogger. I just wanted to be able to reply to comments without having to jump through high flaming hoops, and ended up moving the whole shebang here.


So, leave me comments that I may or may not be able to reply to. Watch this space for more head banging and maybe, just maybe, a new look. (Crap!!!! Now I have to do it! Stupid comments getting all borked up!) Send me some sanity; we’re 4 1/2 weeks from summer vacation and we may very likely get hit with a heavy spring snowstorm on Friday.

Oh, and send me a goat. My damned sweet, loving husband has this superstitious Cubs flag thing going on, and he borked it up this week. I need a goat to try to counteract it.

And yes, borked is the word of the week. Pass it on.