Nice gams! Or…springtime in the Rockies

Three things:

  1. I am 35 years old
  2. I am extremely fair-skinned
  3. I have been on antibiotics more times than I can count

You would think I would remember those three things on a day when we hit a delicious high of 79 degrees on a March day. On a day where there was not a cloud in the sky, where the sky was a rich cobalt blue. On a day when the sun shone with a smile on its face, whistling a happy tune with the pure joy of such a day.

You would think.

Because if I had remembered those three simple items, this wouldn’t have happened in the hour I sat outside:

lobster legs

The picture does not do the sunburn justice. I am glowing. Please ignore the, um, chubbiness of those legs, and yes, they really are that long thanks for asking. I never burn from sitting out for an hour, it was the antibiotics.

And the painful punchline? Tomorrow it’s to be cold and rainy and I must put blue jeans over these gams. Ouch.

14 Responses

  1. Really? Antibiotics make you sensitive to the sun? I had NO idea. That’s some good information to have.

    I’m terribly sorry about the sunburn.

  2. I had no idea that antibiotics can make you burn? I hope it makes you feel better that I’m learning from your misery. Those legs look seriously painful. Hopefully it’s the kind of burn that turns into a gorgeous savage tan, and not the peeling kind.

  3. Oh! Jen!!
    Okay. A- holy shit you have mile long legs (God you are SO lucky!!) and B- OUCH!!!!!! I’m thinking a skirt may be in line for tomorrow! and C- how is it you’re 35 and I’m as old as dirt?

  4. Ouch! I say skip the jeans tomorrow and stay in sweatpants, or better yet a loose cotton skirt.

  5. Oh, ouch! Aloe vera is calling your name 🙂

  6. i can’t believe this change in weather either, espcially since it’s spring break for the boys! no fun getting sunburned already!

  7. Don’t you remember the sun poisoning I got in Bali – sitting under an umbrella, under a tree!! Because I was on antibiotics! In a third-world country and thought I was dying – and that thought didn’t bother me at all! And remember the old “vinegar soak” for taking the sting out of sunburn? Take with a glass or two of wine and you’ll be pickled both inside and out!

  8. 1st – ouch
    2nd – is this one of those examples of when you are so ding dang busy your brain doesn’t always put your own body first and totally blanks common sense? That’s what I’m thinking…. I do it all the time so I keep a nice bottle of blue aloe on hand at all times.

  9. Oh, oooouuucchh!! I say stay in and keep the shorts on!!

  10. OOOOO. That looks painful. Since you’re already on the drugs, I’d throw a couple painkillers in the mix for tomorrows pantscapade.

  11. It snowed here. Bite me.

  12. Ouch! I vote for sweatpants, too!

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  14. oh Jen…ouch…really, OUCH.

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