Fun Sunday: The Home Ec video

“Will she smoke thin black cigarettes and reject the Triune God?”

If you know that line, you watched Mystery Science Theater 3000 back in the early 90s…before Joel left and the show went downhill. Tom and I finally woke up to the miracle of the internets (It’s a series of tubes!!!) and realized we could probably find out favorite MST3K shorts on YouTube. We’re quick like that. So this morning we watched several of our favorites and laughed coffee out our noses. Which isn’t funny, but an insult to my already swollen nasal passages.

Comedy Central was one of the very few channels I got in the dorm (hear that, ya young whippersnappers? We didn’t get a zillion channels in HD, we didn’t have WiFi internet, and we sure as hell didn’t have Tivo. We had a hand-me-down VCR, 12 channels max, and a green-screen “word processor” computer…and we liked it!) and I watched MST3K almost every Saturday morning. At least, the mornings I didn’t have an 8 am marching band rehearsal.

This short (actually broken into two segments here because of YouTube’s time constraints) is my all-time favorite MST3K short. It preceeds “The Viking Women and the Sea Serpent,” which is also funny. I can’t find “The Waffle Song,” also part of this episode, but I’m not looking terribly hard either. So sit back and have a good laugh. It’s 20 minutes well spent, especially if you ever had to sit through a filmstrip like this in school.