2e Tuesday: Still waters run deep

When you have one child who is an in-your-face personality and one who is laid back, you tend to…well….the squeaky wheel gets the grease. We’ve known for some time that A is very likely twice-exceptional, and his “challenge” is an alphabet soup mishmash of dignoses. The jury has been out on J.

Until tonight.

He and A and I were enjoying a nice dinner, and J had just finished his yogurt (Yoplait). And he got this “this means something” gleam in his eye.

J: Mom, do you know what shape this is?

Me (and A): It’s an oval.

J: No…it’s…

Me (and A): Um, pretty sure that’s an oval.

J: NO! It’s…it’s an ellipsoid!

Time stopped. Um…okay. My four year old with a speech delay just said “ellipsoid.” My four year old knows what an ellipsoid is. I had to go look it up in the dictionary and my God, he was closer to right than wrong. They’re studying shapes in preschool right now and apparently this is another WOWZA class, like A’s was, ’cause uh, ellipsoid? J is now calling that particular brand of yogurt “ellipsoid yogurt,” which will garner even more odd looks at the grocery store than we get now.

My doubts about him are over. Still waters run deep in that one, young grasshopper. He may be less 2e than his brother (thankyousweetbabyJesus), but I’m pretty damned sure the gifted part is there.

And then the squeaky wheel went on a “lose-his-shit-apalooza” for 30 minutes because J got the last green popsicle and life was back to (bwahahahahaha) normal.


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