Oh, it’s so good to be home

I didn’t realize how badly I needed this weekend away until I got away and felt the tension melt off my shoulders. My back, neck, and shoulders didn’t ache for the first time in weeks. Amazing.

So I’m home and I had a wonderful time away, returning refreshed and happy. I never did read my two books; the one on the Great Depression was terrible and I was in no mood to read about exploding children, so I just stuck them in my suitcase and left them there. I’m sure they were a great topic of conversation when TSA opened the bag and pawed through my belongings. There ain’t nothing more oogie than knowing some stranger dug through your suitcase without your knowledge or permission and had the law fully on his side. I’m going to start sticking large denomination bills and sex toys in there just for kicks and giggles and see if they survive the flight.

It’s good to be home, where they are all as batshit crazy as you are yourself. Last night I was upstairs getting the boys ready for bed when Tom joined us, quoting full lines from one of our favorite movies, Blazing Saddles. You may love it or hate it, but that is the funniest damned movie and I love it (and I also let out an embarrassing guffaw on the plane when the male flight attendant, over the PA, said something and followed it with “giggity,” a reference to Family Guy. I was the only woman laughing hysterically with the men. I’m apparently an embarrassment to the fairer sex).

The following is true.

A: Daddy, what are doing?

Tom: Quoting lines from the funniest movie ever. You’re waaaayyyy too young for it, but when you get older, you’ll find it every bit as funny as we do.

A: Oh, does it have grownup words in it?

Tom: Ye…

A: (interrupting) Words like idiot, crap, fuck, piss?

Tom: uh…

Me in the other room reading to J: snort, snurggle, hide face in beanbag chair and quake, gasp for air.

Yeah, it’s good to be home.

6 Responses

  1. {rocking gently} I am so glad I have a dog, I am so glad I have a cat. I am so glad I have a dog. I am so glad I have a cat.

  2. Did you hear me laughing out here?

  3. I haven’t seen that movie in such a long time–makes me want to rent it! 🙂

  4. bwah hahahahahahaha!! A boy after my own heart!

  5. Glad you had a good time – welcome home!

  6. Ah, as I suspected about the books. Also as I suspected my feed reader is about a week behind in picking up your posts.

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