Leaving…on a jet plane…

Tomorrow at o’dark thirty I’m leaving my house for three days. I get to get on a plane. Alone. I get to hang with girlfriends. Sans children. I get to laugh and drink and learn and be silly and have a great time. By myself.

After today, I deserve it.

And, because I really know how to have a great time, my reading material for the flight is: The Explosive Child by Ross Greene and Daily Life in the United States 1920-1940 (how people lived through the Great Depression). I really need to get some airplane trash reading.

9 Responses

  1. i have read the explosive child. it was helpful.

  2. safe journey. return home rested and replenished. Enjoy!

  3. Have fun! Is it Girls’ Weekend already? Have a safe trip.

  4. Scrapbook weekend?

    Have a great time – and really, you need to add a trashy novel to the stack. The Explosive Child is NOT mommy needs a break reading.

  5. I should get a copy of the book! Have a great trip!! Oh, and you can have the letter “T”!

  6. Those books do not qualify as vacation reading. Surely you should have consulted me.

    Have Fun!

  7. What cursingmama said.

  8. hope you had a fabulous time! And you definitely needed some trashy glossy mags, that’s quite the book!

  9. I’m late to the party. I hope it was a blast. Did you read these books? I always bring reading, but either fall asleep or happily scoop up a discarded issue of a celebrity mag, because, you know, I’m above buying that stuff, just not above reading it.

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