Oh, I live on the edge…

Wheee….livin’ on the edge, I tell ya! Driving into Boulder with 2 bald front tires in four inches of snow! And more coming down! And idiot transplants from California who don’t know how to drive in this crap! I know how to live, don’t I? Lost the whole morning.

I have one hour left before I leave to get J from preschool.

Do I:

  • work my way through the to-do list?
  • clean the house so the health department doesn’t come a’knockin’ because we’re now apparently using dog hair as secondary insulation?
  • shop for Christmas gifts online?
  • join Twitter, so I can lose even more of my precious 24 hour daily allotment? (search for laughingatchaos)
  • shovel the driveway? (Bwahahahahahaha….this is why I had sons, my sillies!)
  • all of the above?

Decisions, decisions…perhaps tomorrow I’ll get more done. Or not.


6 Responses

  1. join twitter silly…. its a great way to smart off when it all goes to pot.

  2. http://twitter.com/cursingmama

    do it….do it….

    I should admit I am not the most regular of twitterers..

  3. Consider yourself stalked, I mean followed. 😉 (AKA RCRambling)

  4. dog hair as insulation! I loved it!! We have cat hair as insulation here. Dog’s hardly got hair. Oh, and you can keep the snow. We don’t need it yet.

  5. dog hair as a secondary insulation? you could package that…what a great repurposing product you have on your hands there! Very green…or…something.

    When you get a chance, read my newly created poem. I am entering a contest with it. It is not real exciting as I had many rules to follow and stay within guidelines but this is my first contest.


  6. Nice hot cup of coffee and blog surfing gets my vote.

    PS I’m RobinTA on twitter, but I’ve been too hung up on Facebook lately and haven’t twittered as much.

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