So the plan for today was to go on a Cub Scout hike. A quick little jaunt, only 1.3 miles. It started at noon, so I figured we’d be done by 1:30, home by 2:30 or so and still have the rest of the afternoon.


This quick little 1.3 mile jaunt somehow morphed into a 2 and a half mile “when the hell is this death march going to end?

That was my thought, not the boys’. They were great. I’m a wuss.

Of course, if I had someone to carry me 1/4 of a mile, I’d be fine too. Love ya, J, but you’re getting heavy.

It was the perfect autumn day for a hike around a lake at a local state park. Sunny, cool, a slight breeze.dsc04136We saw some wildlife.dsc04137

dsc04143It was a great time, despite the surprising length and the “OMG, please stop talking, I don’t care about the long history of Barr Lake!” ranger.

But…we were gone nearly five hours, when I anticipated maybe 2. This is what welcomed us when we got home:



It’s ok, Rosie. We’re not going anywhere tomorrow. I have to do all the stuff that didn’t get done today.


3 Responses

  1. Poor Rosie, and poor mom. Glad the kids had fun though.

    Love the owl shot.

  2. The owl was magnificent!
    Love those hikes that start out easy but morph into something else. Check my blog later for pictures from here. We got snow yesterday. Bleah.

  3. Have to agree on the owl. He’s awesome!

    And yeah, I hate it when those quick jaunts turn into all day things. Drives me batty.

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