OH, the best laid plans

A few weeks ago I finally hit my limit and found someone to watch J one day a week. With that and preschool, I now have 3 full weekdays to work, run errands, take care of the family (you know, the behind-the-scenes stuff), take care of me, etc. Yesterday was his first full day.

So why, with three full and glorious kid-free days, am I having such difficulty in burying the to-do list? Beats me. Probably because there’s so much on there in the first place and I’m finally slogging through much of it. Still can’t find my scrap room under all the crap tossed in there, and holy hell the boys’ rooms….well, let’s just say I need a shovel and a blowtorch and I might find the floors.

What is the point of all this rambling? It’s that I have three (3) posts half-written in the queue and haven’t had a chance to work on them. Nothing world-changing, but good posts I’d actually like to finish and publish. However, they need to get to the back of the queue, ’cause the boys’ rooms really need to be taken care of. Today.

Holy hell, it suddenly got windy. My patio furniture is scooting across the cement!

In the meantime, I leave you with a photo I came across when I was looking for incriminating photos of my brother for his birthday last week.


This is me, when I was 4. We went to Disney World (drove from Illinois…yikes!). Yes, that is our conversion van, complete with shag carpeting on the walls. God only knows what was living in that shag. One night, we were going back to the van at the end of the night. I was running to the van…with my arms tucked inside my shirt because I was cold. And stupid.

And then I fell flat on my face. And knocked out my front tooth. What you see here is the aftermath. A fat lip, missing tooth, scabbed face. I fell asleep in the Disney ER with an ice pack on my face (my smart-ass husband asked if the nurses were dressed as Cinderella).

So when my boys get ticked off at me ’cause I get after them about running with a lollipop in their mouths, or with their arms full, I have a reason. A very painful reason. On the plus side…after this happened, my mom made me knox blox a lot. And I fell in love with knox blox and make them often for my boys. They’re great for lunches.

Funny how one little photo can prime the pump of memories.