Either there is something wrong with my camera, or my boys vibrate faster than the human eye can detect

I’m taking my camera in to the camera shop today. I think there’s something wrong with it. I can’t take a non-blurry shot for love or money, even with the shake thingy on. Now, I’m pretty sure user error is a large part, so I’m going to sign up for some free camera classes, but come.on. I know my kids are fast, but even with the sports setting, they’re blurry. Let’s review…and I’ll note that I’ve deleted the blurriest of the photos.

Here’s J on Halloween, standing perfectly still:


Here’s a rare photo of A standing still:


How about Rosie, the Pillow with a Pulse?:


Yeah, somethin’s up.

Or maybe I should cut down on my caffeine consumption.


3 Responses

  1. I know they’re blurry but… awwww.

  2. Oh man… ” the Pillow with a Pulse” : funniest thing today!!

    Poor Rosie!

  3. I can’t wait to hear what happens. Is this the camera we have the share? I have a terrible time with blurriness!

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