I love Crocs

I’ve read a lot online about the love/hate relationship people have with Crocs. Kelley, of Magneto Bold Too, is about the most vocal I’ve seen. She has written many a post about her deep and undying hatred of these shoes.

I disagree.

I love these shoes.

Yes, they are about the ugliest things you can stick on your feet, but I’m over that. If you’ve read here for any length of time, you know that I’m all about comfort. And simplicity. And if my feet hurt, I’m a wicked bitch. I’ve had to stop wearing my Crocs Mammoth shoes (toasty, toasty warm), and my Beach as often as I’d like, simply because my feet doth protesteth. Not enough arch support. I thought it was simply Carpool Ankle. Made me sad. But Crocs came through for me, and now there are shoes I can wear that don’t hurt. And aren’t ugly as sin.

I bought the Celeste Canvas (in chocolate) when I was in Vegas this summer and my blisters had blisters and I could barely walk. I love these shoes. Comfy, cute, they go with everything. I was about to get another pair in black…when my very favorite shoes broke. 😦 The rivet holding on the straps snapped off, and because of the design of the shoe, I just couldn’t go and replace the rivet, like you can with the other models.

Hey! Crocs has a 90 day warrantee!!! And I was a week under it! Happy Day! I sent them back and they sent me a brand new pair. Took next to no time at all, though that may be because I live 15 minutes from their world hq/warehouse.

Wore them once…and a rivet broke again. 😦 But Crocs’ customer service is about the best I’ve seen in awhile, so I’m sending my shoes back in today…and they’re sending me a brand new pair of Juneau. No rivets to break. And, no, I don’t wear shoes with laces, only my workout shoes have laces…and they’re gathering dust (methinks I should start working out again). I stopped wearing shoes with laces when A was about 2; I needed shoes I could get on and off quickly to keep up with him.

My boys have worn through the tread on the bottoms of their Crocs; guess what they’re getting for Christmas? Neither one can tie shoes, and I don’t care. They both have enough other issues, they’ll learn to tie shoes before they get married.

So. Crocs also has other cute shoes. And this is where I’m talking to you, Kelley. 😉 YOU by Crocs is the company’s fancier line.

I like the Dangerous Diva, though I’m pretty sure the heels would kill me.


Ooh, the Nightcap is cute!


And I could use some ankle boots:


So I really have to disagree that Crocs are the ugliest shoes that have ever crossed the earth. Yeah, the clogs are pretty unattractive, but I still wish I had had them when I was pregnant. There are tons of Crocs shoes that aren’t ugly, and the company’s customer service is great.

So, Kelley, go ahead and order some of these. I’m pretty sure with the dollar as low as it is, with the exchange rate you could probably get the Dangerous Diva for fifty cents, free shipping, and a foot rub from the hottie of your choice. Just sayin’. 🙂


8 Responses

  1. Okay – I HATE the Crocs, and my mom wears them all the time (first started for work – she’s a nurse). I didn’t know they had the other cute shoes and I am loving that first pair you listed. Hmm…

  2. I LOVE them! I have one pair – in taupe. I wear them down to the basement when I have to clean litter boxes, I wear them out in the yard, when I go to pick up my husband, shopping. I know there are arch issues, but they are the most comfy shoes I have, they match everything and I feel a bit of a rebel when I wear them because people have such an aversion to them. Tough! I will go on wearing them and buying them – they are made from natural materials and when left to rot, they will!

    Put me in the “PRO” camp on this one, Jen.


    Please stop round for a Remembrance (Veteran’s)Day poem that you may find of interest.

  3. I love love love my crocs! Sadly though, my feet are no longer liking them quite as much and both my physical therapist and orthotics-fitter guy keep nagging me to get rid of them in favor of something sensible and even uglier.

    So far I haven’t caved :).

  4. Ohhhhhhhhh…love the night cap ones! I have yet to get a pair of crocs……I know, I’m slow. Punky wears them in the summer…..and he was so proud that he didn’t need me to help him get his shoes on! Rock on!

  5. I have a pair of croc flip flops in flourescent pink and neon green. The most comfortable summer shoes ever.

    You know me, but I am posting this as anonymous because I would never, never say this out loud in public. The design of their clogs make me want to eat my own vomit.

  6. Have you seen the prescription Crocs? That’s what I’m thinking of trying out for my plantar fasciitis.


  7. I know about You by Crocs. And they are damn cute shoes.

    But tell anyone I said that and I will remove your pancreas through your nose via your spinal column.

    Yah, hearing me?

  8. I have an “indoor” pair. I don’t like to wear slippers so I have a pair of crocs that I only wear inside my house. Keeps my feet comfy (we have a TON of hardwood) and I don’t bring in the germs from outside.

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