Yet another way to lie to your children

The Candy Fairy came last night.


I originally got this idea last year from Unplug Your Kids, but in searching for an image, found an entire website devoted to her. Go figure.

The idea is to collect all the Halloween Candy (birthday candy, Easter candy, you name it) and while the kids are sleeping, to toss/hide it, and leave a small toy instead. I’ve been talking up the Candy Fairy for a week now, since the boys didn’t remember her visit last year.

The CF left Leapster cartridges. Small toy? No, but a toy that will not get broken/ignored/forgotten. These two love their Leapsters like I can’t begin to explain. The.Best.Toy. Santa has ever brought. Those two cartridges bought me an extra hour and a half of sleep this morning, and will bring untold hours of intense silence in the car over the next few months.

I’ve had several women come to my house and see their Leapsters charging on the desk and ask me about them. No joke, get one. And definitely get the chargers; when the boys got them for Christmas a few years ago, they each went through 4 AA batteries in a day and a half. They’ve learned math, logic, reading, you name it.

And the price for silence is worth it.

Love you, Candy Fairy!