Oh, this isn’t good

My wedding ring broke. I don’t know how, I don’t know when. I just know that this morning I felt something sharp on my hand, looked down and noticed that one of the prongs was bent up. You’d think that something so strong as to bend a ring prong would cause enough damage to the hand that I’d remember WTF I did, but no.

So this weekend I’m running around like a shameless hussy, ringless. (There’s no way I’m still wearing it, and I can’t get to a jeweler until Monday). Yes, a shameless hussy with two sons and a muffin top. I guess I just need a crop top and then I’d be…wait. Damn, my shirts are all crop tops.

You know that scene in Apollo 13 where Jim Lovell’s wife loses her wedding ring down the shower drain the morning of the ill-fated launch? That keeps running through my mind…

So I have a poll. Because wordpress has the cool new poll function and I haven’t played with it yet.

Me? I think it’s…eh, I won’t tell you what I think.