Hey Dave

It’s me wee widdle bwudder’s thirty-second birthday today. Little brother, my sweet white tush. He tops me by 5 inches.

mommy-and-kids(Dang, J looks so much like me…and yes, I do realize I look a great deal like my mom)

He got the best birthday present in the world, courtesy of the US Army. He’s stationed in Germany right now and has missed the whole campaign hell. Dave? Be sure to thank them. 😉

baby-cowboyHe really is something else. His personality? He is exactly like A. In fact, you know that whole thing parents do? “I hope you have a child just.like.you?” Yeah, I think it got mixed up in the ether; I got him and when he and his wife have kids, I guarandamntee they’ll have lovely little girls. The upside is that he and A are the best of friends. I keep trying to get him and Diane to move out here, but (sniff) I doubt it’ll ever happen.

jen-and-dave-july-77Thirty-one years since that photo was taken, and he and I still give each other that look.

Dave married the most wonderful, beautiful, perfect woman. He and Diane have been together since high school, and you truly feel their love when you’re in their presence. She is also smokin’ hot…the bitch. 😉 And I love her like my very own sister.davedianemomdadYeah…my fam. Wish I could have been on that trip with them; mom and dad visited them in Germany last month.

pictures-3-288Happy Birthday, you wierdo. Geeze, I can’t believe we’re related.


Not terribly surprised…

Woke this morning to hear that HP laptop batteries were being recalled because they could overheat.


Now, I’m not entirely sure if Princess the PMSing Laptop is included in this recall, but the dates are about right. And, with her track record, I’m just assuming she’s included. Oh, Princess, how you vex me!

I could survive for 51 seconds chained to a bunk bed with a velociraptor

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Yeah. It’s Monday.