Catching Up

…but not really. I still have too many emails to count, posts in my reader (please forgive me for just hitting “mark all as read” many a time), a pile on my desk, and bats in the belfry. I bust ass all day and have little to nothing to show for it.

It’s because the days are getting shorter.

I oversleep in the morning because I honestly do not hear the alarm, and it’s still dark and cold in my room.

I slump through the morning, accomplishing what I can half-awake.

I make it through the rest of the day by pure miracle.

I’m tired of the hatred of this election, and of the complete and total tanking of the market.

I’m tired of always feeling behind.

I’m tired of having to plan, to prepare, to be on top of everything and failing most of the time.

Usually these feelings don’t hit til February; yes, it worries me that I feel this way in October.

It’d be nice if the sun came out today.

Enough. Enough whining. More to do, to plan, to prepare today.

Have a great weekend!


2 Responses

  1. Where I am, the sun comes out every day. Oh, it’s GLORIOUS! I have a feeling I’ll be able to wean off my Zoloft as soon as we’re totally settled.

    Oh, and one good note on the market tanking….. mortgage interest rates are coming down, so in MY case, that will help.

  2. I feel ‘ya. Crawling out from under my rock and doing that right now.

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