Yup, saw it coming

All summer long, day in and day out, A was up with the sun. Sometimes before the sun. Sometimes the sun would just look at him and think, “Why the hell are you up? I’m not even up yet. The rooster thinks you’re insane too, by the way.”

And yesterday, the first day of school, as predicted, we had to dynamite him out of bed at 7. Today it was 7:30, which used to be our “Holy Hell, we have to leave NOW!!!!!” time, but because the new school starts at 9:05, it was more like, “Get your lazy butt out of bed already, will ya?”

Finally, I predicted something regarding my eldest son that was correct. His entire life, his only predictability was to be unpredictable, his only consistency to be inconsistent. I got it right this time.

I’ll try not to break my arm patting myself on the back.


11 Responses

  1. Never fails, does it…

    So how does one get crayon out of the dryer anyway? I’m thinking that’s something I should know how to do. It’s only a matter of time…

  2. I think this works on kids everywhere, honestly… I’m seeing the same tendency in mine. If we want him to sleep-in, he wakes before the sun is up. If we want to get an early start, he sleeps until 7/7:30…

  3. I’m gonna use your last line sometime.

    I’m HATING our new 6:30 wake up time. When the hell am I supposed to work out?


  4. Gee, we had the exact same scene here this morning, on the first day of freakin’ high school!! You’d think I wouldn’t have to deal with this anymore!

  5. I’m looking forward to the same next week myself.

    Such is the life of a mom.

  6. I was so worried Ethan would get up late today, b/c he’s been getting up at the crack of dawn all summer, too, but he didn’t thank goodness.

  7. LOL! A!!! Atleast we have PM kindergarten on our side, maybe that’s why Sj is waking up at like 615 every morning!

  8. Oh, I’m with you. And, Baby Puppy has to be at school at 7:55! It’s inhumane, I tell you!

  9. Are you sure you’re writing about your son and not mine? Thank goodness I can drive him to school because the bus comes at 7:40 and I haven’t even poured water on him to get him out of bed yet.

  10. I know that is going to happen in our house too. 🙂

  11. Hey, why don’t you try what I pulled this morning…I woke Lex (and myself!!) up an hour too early!!! Ooo, I was so pissed when I realized it! Somehow, I changed the time on my alarm clock by an hour earlier. Then, like an idiot, when I went into his room to see why he wasn’t up yet, I actually yelled at him for changing his alarm clock by an hour. I know, I’m a dork!! It wasn’t until I had the poor kid up and in the shower that I went into the kitchen and saw that the clocks in there both said 6:15, not 7:15. I wanted to cry! I was even wondering to myself why it was still so dark at 7:00. Ummm…cuz it was 6:00, stupid!!! But, hey, he was on time for school 🙂

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