I survived!

Ahhh…nothing like taking two over-sugared boys to the zoo for the day. It was fun, we had a great time. Got to ride the train, take a whirl on the carousel, see primates eat their own shit…good times, good times.

Yes, twice today I saw an animal reach down and have a snack. The silverback gorilla reached down and grabbed a huge handful…then brought it up to his mouth, watching all of us watching him. I’d never seen a guilty look on an animal’s face until this afternoon. And then the golden-cheeked gibbons. Sigh…we were having such a great time watching them jump and play. Until the one little dude stopped right in front of us and pooped. And my friend and I started backing up as he reached down to collect it. And then threw up in our mouths a little as he ate it.

Our sons haven’t spoken of anything else since.


8 Responses

  1. Glad you guys had such a great time. You’re right, not much compares to Lincoln Park, but I’m sure you survived 😉 Now, let’s just be thankful that your boys won’t try to imitate what they saw today. They won’t, right?!

  2. I’m certain that the monkey/poo would be the highlight of any child’s visit to the zoo. At least they didn’t fling it at you! 🙂

  3. God, if my boys saw that, I wouldn’t hear of anything else either! They love “potty talk.”

  4. Oh, yeah. You’ll definitely be hearing about that for a very long while!

  5. Lucky for you they weren’t having sex. Just think of that.

    Simians can be remarkably promiscuous, using sex as a way to communicate, male to female, male to male, using various and sundry body parts to perform the act. It is a way of establishing well-being, seniority/dominance/submission, all kinds of things.

    I think you probably got away easy yesterday. Just sayin’.

  6. Oh, gross. And I thought we were having bathroom issues over here. That is just wicked.

  7. we had a pet monkey when we were kids… it was sort of an accident, and unfortunately we could never foust the accident on anyone else… until the pet store owner agreed to sell him on consignment… the monkey died in that pet store about 20 years later!

    they are digusting, they love to play in shit/pee, they love to make art out of it, they have to be bathed constantly, you cannot diaper them to keep the poo in, because they have opposable thumbs and a keen interest in keeping the poo accessible for play/snack/weaponry

    and yes, they are very sexual, including masturbating!

    we never go to the monkey world, because I can’t bear the disturbing memories of our beloved (read despised) pet monkey… we did belove him, for about 45 minutes… then, (smirk) he threw a wad of shit at the neighbor when the doorbell rang!

    ugh… my kids love to just say the word monkey, it makes me CRAZY — it’s better than a poo joke

  8. Going to the zoo always provides an interesting array of things for the children to discuss, especially if it involves any type of potty humor. I know my two would’ve had a field day with that, and they’re 10 and 12.

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