As said through clenched teeth

So, one of my darling sons, I do not know which one, had a handful of cheap (non-Crayola) crayons in his pocket. And I did laundry. And discovered the mess after everything had been run through the dryer. I now have a pile of clothes, some of them new, covered in rainbow-hued crap. And I now have sheets covered in red crayon. A’s pillowcase looks like he hemorrhaged in the night. And my dryer is all red inside.

Please, any help out there? I’ll check out the Crayola cleanup site, but these are seriously cheap-ass crayons we got at a (damned tasty) Mexican restaurant.


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  1. Eek! Okay, I did a little search, and it appears you need WD-40, soap & water, plus lots of elbow grease (which I suggest the boys help with).

    Good luck!

  2. Yuck. new kids. that’s my suggestion.


  3. RC’s suggestion sounds good to me. Lex did this more than once to me. As a matter of fact, he’s STILL freakin’ doing it!! He left a pen in his pocket just a couple of weeks ago, which I found out as I pulled an entire load of clothes out of the dryer with ink on them!!!

  4. Wow.

    I am speechless.

    I am so glad I have a dog. And a cat. Neither of them has ever done something like that to me.


  5. ouch. I haven’t a clue, but please enlighten us as to your solution. Honestly the one thing I hate about doing laundry is emptying pockets. I kid you not. My husband is notorious for crap like that.

  6. I can’t help you with melted crayons in a dryer (I think *I* would have hemoraged after seeing that carnage!) but if you ever need to know how to get permanent marker off a dry erase board, I’m your gal. 🙂

  7. For crying out loud. So, so sorry.

  8. Goo Gone might help get it off the dryer. The clothes and linens are a loss, I think, but you can try goo gone with those too.

    Sorry that happened. My daughter’s beautiful bed linen set was ruined by a black crayon in a laundromat dryer. I still want to cry about it.

  9. Hi! You don’t know me, but I think I just found your site through Mile High Mamas…? (you know how it is when you start blog reading… one link leads to another and suddenly you’re in a foreign land with no recollection of how you got there)

    Anyway, my cousin had this same tragedy happen to her and lived to blog about it. I thought her post may be of use to you…

  10. sounds awful, naughty children. good to hear the mexican was yummy though.

  11. WD-40 for cettain but, make sure you wash out every bit of the residue and let the dryer air dry completely before running it.

    I HATE finding these kinds of surprises in the laundry, the last time it was a pen from the husband’s pocket and it took almost an entire bottle of rubbing alcohol to get the ink out of the clothing and off the walls of the washer. HATE.

  12. Ah, Chelle, didn’t even think to try rubbing alcohol!! Although, I didn’t discover the ink until the clothes came out of the dryer. Hairspray has always been my choice for getting ink out of clothes before they’ve been laundered. Jen, I just thought about another product I love – Spot Shot. Might work, who knows. Have you found a solution yet?

  13. Well, I guess this is a cautionary tale about checking your kids’ pockets before doing laundry? Yikes! I hope you had luck getting it out/off everything!

  14. Crayons are the devils writing utensils.

  15. Ohhhhhh I feel for you. Sorry I can’t help you solve the problem.

    My son once left a pen in his pocket and we didn’t know it was there and it exploded in the dryer and all the clothes were covered in ink and the dryer had a big ink stain around the drum that would continue to get the clothes dirty as it heated up – duh it took us a bit to figure that out and then he was sent to scrub it off with comet cleanser.

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