Go share a lil’ love

I have a favor to ask of all of you. My dear friend, Kate, set up a blog this weekend when I was there visiting her. Oh yes, and her adorable little boy. My GOD, did I love on him all weekend. And I’ve never missed my cherubs so much. No joke. Usually I leave and I’m great and I miss them, but this past weekend I was yearning for my kiddos and that was unusual.

Anyhoo…head on over to Kate’s new place and share a little love. Yes, she took the picture in the header; she is one hell of a fantastic nature photographer. Been published a couple of times. Good thing I love her so much or I’d be mind-numbingly jealous. Leave her some comment love, tell her to come visit you, which blogs to go hit…that sorta thing. Oh…and she’s running on little sleep, with a five-week old, so no sudden moves. ; )

And just how long have I known her? Over 20 years…more than half my life ohmyGodIjustdidthatmathandholyhellI’mold. We’ve been BFF since freshman year in high school and that we’ve stayed such great friends is amazing, seeing as how this past weekend is the most time we’ve spent together in the last 15 years. She’s the sis I never had and it kills me that she lives so far away. Eventually she’ll come out to Colorado to shoot some photos and she’ll be unable to leave. I can only hope.

Go say hi. I’d appreciate it.


4 Responses

  1. I’ll do this. Even though you still **sob** don’t find me wonderful enough to add to your list. 😉

  2. Oh my gosh, that was like a totally run on post. I almost pictured you back in high school. I’m surprised, looking back, that you used punctuation, because it didn’t read like that.

    Oh, and when you shove words together, sometimes they get miss-read.

    I saw “llI’mold” and I didn’t read it as “I’m old” I read it as “I’ll mold.” HA!

    Oh, btw, during all of this unbridled “sister” time, did you happen to mention Pediacast?

  3. Done. I checked it out. I liked it. I commented. I subscribed.

    Please send my $10 to…..

    12345 Any Street
    My City, Ohio 55555


  4. Done! Good job recruiting for the Dark side! 🙂

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