A three-ring clusterfu–hey, look, a puppy!

You know, I’m done. Somehow I managed to dig myself into a deep hole of craziness and stress and guilt. Right before Mother’s Day, too. I’m good that way.

Today J watched 4 hours of TV because I was desperately digging myself out of three weeks of work. Once I get the boys in bed this evening I will continue to dig.

The recent crisis that started the hole is more or less over. It was a school issue. Nothing A did, nothing we did, nothing his teacher did. But he will be going to the new school behind our house next fall. Part of fighting battles is knowing which battles to fight. And I’m done. I’m done worrying, I’m done screaming and crying, I’m done. Most of all, I’m done driving…Quicken told me how much we spent on gas in the last two years. After regaining consciousness, we did a pro/con list and made our decision. It was extremely difficult, but it’s what’s best for our family. Oh, and the new school will be a good one. Always a plus when there’s a GT school with a GT principal for your GT kid in your backyard. Lest you think driving/gas prices made the decision for us…uh, no. But it was a factor…and the one that caused me to hyperventilate.

And the effin’ Democratic candidate race can end any day now. That’s all I’m sayin’.

So I’m moving forward. I’m removing as much as I can from my life. Still trying to figure out exactly what those things will be, but I have to do it. Trying to do the mom/home/work thing 16 hours a day, then slamming my head into my pillow, isn’t exactly healthy. And I have exactly 3 1/2 weeks to figure it all out; both boys are done with school by May 30th.

That scream you just heard? Yeah, me.


9 Responses

  1. Oooh….school in the backyard?! Awesome. I lived across the street from my middle & high schools (they were next door to each other) and it was great.

    Doesn’t this whole Democratic thing make for a much more interesting Conv…which you’ll be attending? So, there’s a plus?! No? I tried.

    I’m pouring myself a glass of wine right now…just for you.

  2. Aw, so sorry for your elevated stress level these days. I’m right there with ya, sista! Stay focused on the positives (less gas consumption, school IN THE BACKYARD!) and try to push the crap out of your mind. I know, I know, easier said than done!

  3. Yay you. Agreed on the democratic primary.

  4. You know, everything happens for a reason, and when you are throwing the boys over the fence and waving goodbye every morning, you’ll grin from ear to ear. GT school in your back yard, the one in mine is GheTto. Yep, the wrong GT.

    Maybe Obama and Clinton need to both drop out, I want some fresh blood. They are so tired and warn out looking, I can’t take it.

  5. as long as you don’t give us up 😀

    Okay – I understand if you do..but I won’t be happy about it.

  6. OMG! For a minute there I thought you were adding a puppy to the mix. Phew!


  7. I am laughing at Poetikat’s comment! That’s what you need…

    Sounds like the school being in your backyard may help your stress level next year…please find a way to make it until then! Ryan had his last day yesterday so I am all frantic in a start of summer kinda way today. Lord have mercy on my entertaining three boys soul.

  8. School in the backyard, eh? Hmmm, and this whole time I’ve been doing school in the house.
    Oh yeah, forgot. I live in Ohio. Where it rains all the time. School in the backyard is a bad idea for us.

  9. My kids are changing schools, too, this fall. No more 40- minute roundtrip drive to school. They’ll be on the bus! Like yours, our decision was obviously a complicated one to make–it’s not just about lousy carpools or expensive gas.

    Good luck!

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