Kids say the darndest things…

This morning…

(Tom was shaving, clad only in his boxers)

A: Dad! You’re all hairy in your armpits!

Me: It’ll happen to you too, sweetheart.

A: Dad! You’re like a wooly mammoth!

He pauses to take a breath…

A: Mom? How old are you?

Me: I’m 34.

A: You’re so young! Like a little girl!

He leaves the room…

Me: Yes, Tom, you’re a wooly mammoth and I’m a little girl. How exactly did we get to this point, again?


5 Responses

  1. sooo funny! out of the mouth of babes…

  2. LOL! sounds like A is starting to figure out how he got here!

  3. Clearly your whole relationship was kismet.

  4. Oh, too funny!

  5. Wooly Mammoth Marries Little Girl – Film at 11

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