Friday Fun

To cheer you up and send you on your way to a woohoo! weekend, may I present…

The Ultimate Peep Show



Those naughty Peeps! Heaven knows what they’re doing in the Easter basket!

Have a great weekend!


12 Responses

  1. too funny!

  2. Love it! (I’m a big fan of peeps, too!)

  3. This cracked me up. Thanks for that. Have a great weekend!

  4. LOL!! Love it!!

  5. Boy! Your son’s artwork is really improving! Such use of colour and form and function. I’m in awe of his talent.


  6. I knew something weird was going on in that basket!

  7. Makes me want to bite their heads off!!

  8. OK…Jen-You have WAY too much time on your hands!!!

  9. Pole dancing peeps? Oh my gosh, I never knew that’s what they were doing in the basket while we slept. lol

  10. One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen!!

  11. LOL! Dear lord. What goes on in your head? That’s brilliant.

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