This is supposed to be a boat

Does this look like a boat?

This is supposed to be a boat.

That is what J’s preschool teacher said this morning.

I do not think this looks like a boat.

I think this looks like something very unlike a boat.

Am I nuts, or do you see it too?


15 Responses

  1. ohhh…you might have a little artist on your hands…only, he won’t be able to go to his own exhibits until he turns 18!

  2. OMG. No words.

    Must cover Little Dude’s eyes. Even though he is asleep.

    OMG. And the teacher kept a straight face while telling you it is a boat?!?!?!?!?

    (Picking myself off of the floor now… I’m feeling the need to go look at a little Georgia O’Keeffe…)

  3. Well I saw, I definitely saw it, but my husband thought it looked like Mick Jagger’s lips and my 6 year old said a heart.

    Men. Sheesh.

  4. Now that’s funny – really, really, funny!

  5. OMG! As soon as I saw the picture come up on my reader I about spit my coffee at the screen!
    Wow. You can never throw that out. Ever.

  6. He has a big future in the Art World, like Picasso and Dali and Mapplethorpe!
    You’re gonna be rich, girl!

  7. WOW! I too would have spit a beverage out if I had been drinking while reading my Bloglines……. YIKES!

  8. Yes I must have a dirty mind too. His style is very Georgia O’Keefish if you ask me!

  9. Yes, but I hope he didn’t forget the little man in the boat!

  10. It’s the SS Vagina.

  11. ummmmmmm – so what kind of “reading material” do you have at home?

  12. Well…it’s very similar to a boat, in that most men can’t wait to get into it.

    And then brag about it.

    And lie about the size of their bait.

  13. Too cute! I don’t know if you were ever a fan of “Everybody Loves Raymond,” but there was a very similar situation in one episode where Ray’s mom makes a sculpture with similar “female features.” Very funny!

  14. Oh! my god it’s a ship.
    I see it! I see it!

    Great blog by the way.

  15. Holy vagina, batman.

    We need to get our kids together.

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