Why yes, he is blonde

This is an actual conversation I had on Sunday with A. This really happened, I have three adult witnesses.

A: “Mom? Can I have a piece of paper please? The printer is out and I need to copy more.”

Me: “HUH?”

A: “I need to copy a piece of paper to make more.”

Me: “You can’t do that, I’ll just give you a stack of paper.”

A: “I don’t need a stack of paper, just one. I’ll copy it and get more.”

{crickets chirping}

Me: “I give up. Any of you want to try to explain this to him?”

Husband, Mother in law, Father in law: “Huh-uh.”

And this child is gifted????


11 Responses

  1. Love it, love it, love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Right up there with kids believing that as long as you have a credit card, or in the “olden days” – checks, you must have money!)

  2. Ha! That’s hilarious. Smart thinking, in a twisted sort of way.

  3. I hope you just gave him one.

  4. Your bro and I about split a gut laughing at this one! I love A’s logic – he’ll go far – maybe in politics!

  5. Apparently you have a replicator instead of a copier! That’s the funniest thing–let’s just hope he uses his powers for good, right? 🙂

  6. ROFL. It’s a great idea though, isn’t it?

  7. That’s when you give him one piece of paper and let him work it out on his own.

  8. But did it work? That’s what I want to know!

  9. I’m crying with laughter. You see, Jen, you and I know the way the gifted mind works. Sometimes it is brilliant and at other times the creativy overrules the logic. Either way, it is always entertaining.

  10. Just lettin’ you know, I was at the theater and I told a room full of theater mom’s about this and they all about died laughing. 🙂
    TOO precious!!!

  11. Jen, as a fellow mom of a gifted child, let me just say, welcome to my world!!!!!! Mine is 14 now, and still doing that kind of stuff.

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