When perfectionism hurts

I started an entire post on my struggle with perfectionism, but it wasn’t going well and I deleted it. That’s the punchline; I just wasn’t up to delving into the dark side of my personality. Let’s just say that a high achiever with a perfectionism complex really shouldn’t take a spinning class at the New! And! Improved! rec center because the aforementioned person now has an extremely sore bum (I now know what a Muppet feels like), legs that shake every time the stairs are attempted, and is contemplating an veddy early bedtime.

This high achiever with a perfectionism complex also just spent an embarrassingly large amount of time trying to figure out why the webcam on the laptop wasn’t working (only works on video calls on IM). This person wanted to take a photo to post here and will now just grab the digital camera tomorrow and head for a mirror.

The high achiever with a perfectionism complex is still working on a book review of the last book actually completed, but has been distracted by new books.

The high achiever with a perfectionism complex made killer chocolate chip oatmeal cookies today, so at least something of value was accomplished. And the laundry got finished, and the bathrooms got cleaned, and a first grader whining and complaining and procrastinating over a two week long project due Friday (!) about pilot fish was not strung up like a pinata. (Find the happy place….find the happy place…..)

The high achiever with a perfectionism complex is going to bed now…after a cookie…


5 Responses

  1. I do know what you are talking about. I really do. Perfectionism has kept me from doing many things in life – for fear they would be less than perfect.

    Enjoy your cookie and dreams!

  2. Ha! I know that “muppet shake” very well! LOVE that term, can I steal it next time I put in a tough workout? My trainer would love it.

  3. so i can assume that by spinning you don’t mean the kind that makes yarn – you’d have to sit for a really long time doing that kind of spinning to get a sore arse

  4. Sometimes I tell my high achiever with a perfectionism complex to go to hell.

  5. LOL, I thought spinning meant the other kind also and I was beginning to get really concerned that you were sitting in front of a spinning wheel with a pile of wool trying to perfect in one very long sitting.

    Perfection is not what it’s cracked up to be…keep repeating that and you will feel ever so much better. I’m feeling better already and haven’t even tackled the bathrooms this week.

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