Things to ponder

Kelley had a craptastic day the other day, so I sent her a little chocolate to cheer her up. Please head over to her place, check this post, and let me know if it really does look like that. ; ) Read the comments…trust me.


Anyone else’s kids driving them absolutely batsnot lately? It’s the damned full moon, I swear. I asked A’s OT this afternoon if she noticed the kids she worked with being off the wall this week. Poor woman…she answered YES!!! in every possible way. Just looking at her I had my answer; I’ve never seen her so dragged out. I swear to GOD, my cherubs haven’t been this freaking insane in months.


Someone please tell me why I get so much more done when Tom is out of the house for the day. Why oh why is this? C’mon, this is my second post of the day! How often does that happen? And the house is clean, the laundry is done and put away, my to-do list is completed (for the day, let’s not get crazy here), my emails have been answered…what’s going on?


A few of my favorite bloggers have posted pictures of themselves this week. Robin looks exactly as I pictured her, Karen looks nothing like I imagined (I saw brown wavy hair…the blond threw me). How do y’all “see” me? Now, no cheating. Somewhere back in my archives there might be a picture or two of me. If you’ve never seen those (and don’t go looking…I said no cheating!), what do I look like in your mind’s eye? I’ll get my butt in gear and post a real pic sometime soon. Oh, and my yahoo avatar? How I only wish my hair looked.


I am so done with presidential debates. Is there anything left to discuss? I have the Republican debate playing behind me; my God, shut up.


Lastly, my wee lil’ political rant of earlier today: I guess we’re also getting $300 per kid. Woot! But I think I came off as not liking the money. I’ll take any money anyone, especially the government, wants to throw at me. I just don’t like the idea of being given the money so I will just go out and spend it on “stuff.” I also think it’s too little, too late, but hey, that’s me. Again, give the money to education; that’ll do more good in the long run.


Enough. I’m gonna go do something, anything. Hey, I’m almost done with a book! I could read! And then go back to our New! And! Improved! library to get more books! Me likey this idea…

So, whaddya gonna do with your check?

Word is coming down that the US government is going to buy us off give us rebate checks this summer; $600 a person or $1200 a couple. Apparently they think we can’t do simple math. Maybe that money should just be sent to teachers and schools.

The whole plan is that we will use that money to go buy more crap made in other countries, to shore up our economy. I’ve tried, God knows I’ve tried, to learn how that would improve things, but it ain’t happening.

If and when I ever see a check, it’s not going to be spent buying more crap made in other countries. Twelve hundred dollars? That’s four months of OT for A. That’s three car payments. That’s 8-10 months of utilities. That’s a year (or more) of doctor co-pays. We don’t need more crap made in other countries. We, as a country, need to figure out our priorities and fill those first. Needs, true needs, must come first, not the latest “thing.”

Can you tell I’m still not feeling well and am a bit grumpy? Hey, Current Occupant! You can tell me how to spend that check, but I’m not listening. You don’t listen to the American people, I don’t see the need to pass along the favor.

I need more vitamin C now…