Google bringing out the freakshows…or not

I just don’t get it. I’m sitting here watching the Giants vs. Packers football game, in the delicious warmth of my humble abode, glass of wine at my side. I am watching fans sitting outside, in a Wisconsin winter, watching the game, cheering for their team to have the honor of losing to the New England Patriots in a couple of weeks.

It is currently 1 degree F in Green Bay Wisconsin.

WTF? The game commentator just noted that Lambeau Field in Green Bay has been sold out since the 1960s or something insane like that. I don’t care if my great grandfather laid the last stone and season tickets have been passed from generation to generation like a rare opal, there ain’t nothing that is going to get me to sit outside in subzero temperatures and watch grown men in spandex chasing a flying orb, landing on top of each other in the process. Pile-ups seem to be lasting longer in this game; I think they’re trying to huddle together for warmth. Some of these idiots are in short sleeves. I did my time in five years of college marching band, no need to go to games voluntarily now, certainly not in the winter. Pre-season games…I’ll go.

Anyhoo…the chickie over at Magneto Bold Too has thrown out the challenge to share our freakiest search terms. I haven’t really dug deep to find any, but let’s go a-searchin’. Since I haven’t been here at WordPress terribly long, I’ll have to pull from my old Blogger stats (Oh, BTW, I missed my 2 year blogoversary; it was last week. I’m so on top of things. Yay me).

(wait, temperature update…it’s now 4 below zero in Wisconsin, with a windchill of 24 below zero. I don’t fracking get it!!! People die in this kind of weather! And now they’ve gone into overtime!)

(awww…the NY Giants won. I’m glad. I’m a mom…and I wanted lil’ Eli Manning to have a purty ring like his big brother. I’m sappy that way)

Apparently painting behind a toilet is big news and no one knows how to do it. Number four on a google search. I just hope my little tip resulted in beyootiful loos and harmonious marriages.

Search for “fruity pebbles marshmallow fluff” and you get my post on pancakes.

(really, I’m looking pretty boring here…)

Lots of stuff on “meat on a truck” and Michaelangelo’s paintings…

Ok. It’s official. This is a damned boring blog. I have no google search freakshows. I apologize for my complete cube-ness (square on six sides).

I shall now finish cleaning my kitchen, for that is what cubes do on a Sunday night…and then finish my wine.