An open letter

Dear Honorable Residents of the Hawkeye State:

Today is finally the day. Over a year of prep. Not quite as bad as a never-ending pregnancy, but nearly as long and nearly as intolerable.

Today is the day your state takes center stage, the day your state shows the country and the world that you are more than corn and vast empty land and Field of Dreams.

Today is Caucus Day. The Day.

Please don’t frack this up.

I say this with all love in my heart, with lots of family living in the state, and with the memory of 2004. I know that change is disconcerting (I’m going with this as the reason that John Kerry came out of nowhere last time). I know. I have family there. Well, Tom’s family. And I suspect that they consider me “Crunchy Aunt Jen.” But change can be a very good thing.

So please…send a message that you embrace change this year. Change is good.

I look forward to seeing the results tonight. Reality TV indeed.