Oh, let’s please not do that again any time soon

A little more than 2 weeks ago Tom and I loaded everything but the kitchen sink into the Family Funster and hit the road. It must be noted that we left at the unholy hour of 3:30 am, so we could get over most of northeastern Colorado and Nebraska before the summer heat and thunderstorms hit. This was no small trip:

  • Six states
  • Both sets of grandparents
  • A stay on a farm in Amish country
  • A business trip for Tom
  • A convention for me
  • A fishing trip for the boys
  • The Bristol Renaissance Faire
  • A tour of the Army base where my brother is stationed
  • A trip to the mecca known as IKEA, and I actually got to buy stuff!
  • Dim Sum in Chicago’s Chinatown
  • Family/cousin photos for the boys

We got home yesterday afternoon to a two-foot stack of mail, the six loads of laundry I couldn’t get done in Chicago, a lawn in desperate need of mowing, and two parents who would rather gouge their eyes out with rusty spoons than hear, “Hey Mom? I’ hunry!” one.more.frackin’.time.

It was a good trip, but I ain’t doing that again in the near future. It’s good to be home.


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