Thursday Thirteen–my playlist

Thirteen Things on my playlist

1. Ok, to start, I really don’t have a playlist, I’m not that cool.

2. Right now, I’m listening to Crazy Frog’s “Axel F” on continuous repeat. I promised A I’d play it for him, so now I’m listening to it over and over in exchange for me actually getting to use my computer for the TT.

3. The Curious George soundtrack. Not kiddie music, just wonderful.

4. Flute Music by French Composers. Ok, not really listening to it, but the most recent thing I popped into the computer and (shhh!!!!) made a copy of for a student.

5. The Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack. I love bluegrass music, this is wonderful, and if you haven’t seen the movie, it’s great.

6. Happy Land: Musical Tributes to Laura Ingalls Wilder. If you’re a fan of the Little House books and ever wondered what the songs in there sounded like, here’s your CD. Old American folk songs. Captain Jinks of the Horse Marines is a hysterical song.

7. I’m running out of things to list.

8. Crazy Frog is aging me quickly. NO surprise that it’s a hit with the preschooler set; it’s guaran-damn-teed to annoy parents.

9. The stinkin’ demo track on my electric keyboard. It’s the William Tell Overture, which I used to like. Not so much anymore. The instrument, style, and tempo all can be changed as it plays. At A’s OT’s suggestion, we’ve been playing with the tempo, getting him accustomed to varying tempi. He loves super fast (prestissimo) and super slow (lento). Mostly prestissimo. Loudly (fortissimo). A lot (molto). So my kid is essentially molto prestissimo y fortissimo, which pretty much describes him.

10. Crazy Frog AND “Upside Down” from the Curious George soundtrack are now playing at the same time, courtesy of XM kids playing on the Directv behind me. This is a curious kind of hell.

11. Silence. Silence is on my playlist. When I’m in the car by myself, rare as that is, I’m listening to silence. And I love it.

12. Do people really have playlists? I mainly just listen to the radio. Why I want an iPod is beyond me.

13. Ok, I love the song “1985” by Bowling for Soup. I’m now listening to a Kids Pop version of it. Why? Why did they find it necessary to ruin it like that? It’s a song about my generation and our lost hopes, sung humorously. I don’t need to hear ‘tweens singing it! Grrr…

I need a better playlist.

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2 Responses

  1. Usually in the car I either listen to talk radio or have it turned off so I can talk to Little Girl or just listen to her. That’s much more interesting…lol!

  2. I had to give up listening to talk radio because I found I was yelling at the radio and the boys were learning new things. ; )
    And after awhile, my ears just ring from listening to A; no joke, he can talk non-stop.

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