It’s winter, right?

When I talk to people outside of Colorado, the assumption is that it’s cold and snowy here all winter long. Up in the mountains, yeah, it’s cold and snowy. On the Front Range, uh, not so much. It was 69 degrees here on Christmas Day, not that I’d know, as we were on the frozen tundra known as Iowa for the holidays. So when the weather folks were talking about snow for today, my ears perked up. My lawn is crunchy and my trees are begging for water. When I heard “6-12 inches”, I did a happy dance. Woohoo! I can throw the boys outside, take pictures while they exhaust themselves, have hot chocolate with marshmallows, the whole nine yards. The positive thing to that much snow here is that it tends to melt quickly and not stay around for 6 months, like it does back home in Chicago. So I jumped out of bed this morning, threw open my shades, and gazed upon the inches of…bupkis. Not a flake. WTF? So it’s still bare ground and a little chilly, but come on! Where’s winter? I know that March and April are the big snowy months, but a little bit right now would be nice. We haven’t had a decent snowfall yet this year. Next year, when I have to haul kids to kindergarten, I won’t like heavy snows, but right now, boy, bring it on!


4 Responses

  1. Well there was actually snow in Arizona yesterday. No precip at all down here in Phoenix, but it’s a start! Good luck on your snow! šŸ˜‰

  2. My uncle used to send us pics of his kids playing in the snow barefoot, and within an hour, the snow was gone. Most years, when it snows in November, we still have it on the ground in March here.

  3. I know whatcha mean. It was sixty something degrees the other day in Virginia. It’s crazy, I’m telling you. Global warming?

  4. Yeah I’ll believe global warming! It’s been warm in Chicago for years; when I grew up there it was sub-zero for days, weeks, months! Still no snow here and it’s going to be warm here again this week. It’s gonna hit in March, I just know it!

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